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Independence is People’s Preference as Brexit Bites

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A new poll has shown support for independence as the clear preference for Scots as the chaos of Brexit bites.

An IPSOS Mori poll, which surveyed more than 2,000 Scots, showed 54 per cent of those expressing a view would prefer a Yes vote for independence against just 46 per cent would prefer a No vote – while the poll also shows the highest-ever poll rating on the economic benefits of independence.

The poll also revealed that four in five Scots expect the general economic condition of the UK to worsen in the next 12 months, compared to 73% in February 2022.

Scotland’s Constitution Secretary Angus Robertson said:

“People in Scotland know exactly what Westminster control means – it’s continued economic chaos imposed by successive Tory governments that Scotland has rejected since the 1950s.

“The cost of living crisis only compounds the economic catastrophe of Brexit, the damage of which this shambolic Westminster government has only served to accelerate, and which Labour, as a pro-Brexit party under Keir Starmer, is fully signed up to.

“The economic benefits of independence are clear to see since Brexit doesn’t work and shuts Scotland off from the largest single market in the world which is seven times greater than the UK. So it’s no surprise that people in Scotland want a different future, free from financial turmoil and the damage of Westminster governments that Scotland doesn’t vote for. 

“People instinctively know that decisions about Scotland should be made by the people of Scotland and that independence is the opportunity to get rid of Westminster government we don’t vote for, for good.

“And Westminster’s Trump-like bid to deny democracy by blocking the people of Scotland having their say in an independence referendum simply will not hold.”

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