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Independence is The Route to Social Justice

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Opening the final day of SNP Conference, Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Housing and Local Government Shona Robison (pictured) told delegates that Scotland cannot have a socially just recovery from COVID without the full powers of independence.

Shona Robison said:

“For those who want us to mitigate every cut the Tories make, I say this – give us the powers to do so.

“To bring about a socially just Scotland, we need independence and we need the SNP.

“The Conservatives in Westminster and Holyrood don’t want to make our country a greener, better fairer place for us to live and work.

“The SNP do.

“Labour will wring their hands but don’t want us to have the powers to make the changes we want to see.

“Despite their manifesto in May saying they wanted the Parliament to have powers over employment, in June, they refused to join us in sending a letter to the UK Government to urge them to do just that.

“I want our national parliament to have the powers to tackle the drivers of child poverty.

“I want our Parliament to be able to raise the minimum wage to the real living wage and stop insecure employment.

“I want our Parliament to have the full powers over social security to tackle inequality and treat people with respect and dignity.

“I want us to have the normal borrowing powers of any country.

“Which is why we need independence.

“And I believe people will look at what we can do with the powers of a normal independent nation and realise that is how we can create a fairer more equal, stronger Scotland

“That was the mission of the Social Justice and Fairness Commission, which I had the privilege of leading along with Neil Gray.

“Our aim was to deliver a route map to a fair independent Scotland that values and cares for everyone who lives here.

“A way of highlighting what more we can do with full powers to build on the progressive policies of the Scottish Government.”

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