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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Independence is Vital to End Westminster Damage

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The need for independence has never been more urgent,  Humza Yousaf has said today at the launch of the party’s 2024 UK General Election campaign. 
Addressing party colleagues in Glasgow, Scotland’s First Minister said that voting for the SNP was essential to protect Scotland’s values in the face of “unforgivable” Westminster damage to Scotland. 
The SNP Leader pointed to the devastating impact of Westminster’s cost of living crisis on Scottish households, adding that only through independence can Scotland escape the UK Brexit-based economy that has overseen stagnated wages, staggeringly high levels of inequality and low investment.
Speaking today Humza Yousaf said:
“Page one, line one of the SNP election manifesto will say this:

“Vote SNP for Scotland to become an independent country”
“Why? Because of that core belief that decisions about Scotland should be taken in Scotland.
“Because Westminster doesn’t work for Scotland.
“And so that any elected Scottish Government has the full range of powers needed to build the kind of country we know is possible.
“On the issue that concerns people the most – their standard of living – the need for independence has never been more urgent.
“For far too many people the UK economy has failed. 

“Wages have stagnated, inequality is high, investment is low and both Labour and the Tories are committed to a Brexit-based economy no matter the cost to Scotland. 
“So on this most important of concerns – the economy and living standards – both Labour and the Tories are offering more of the same.
“Economic decline is still decline, even if it is managed slightly more competently.
“For Scotland, it doesn’t have to be that way.
“We have so many advantages: massive renewable energy resources, world-leading universities, brilliant industries such as food and drink, advanced manufacturing, tourism and a wonderful creative sector.
“And when we look at independent countries in Europe that are like Scotland what do we see?
“Countries that are fairer than the UK, wealthier than the UK and more productive than the UK.
“So, with all our advantages and talents – why not Scotland?”

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