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Independence Movement Set to Hit New Heights in Wake of Court Ruling

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Scotland’s independence movement is set to intensify the democratic case for the country having a say on its future and is poised to hit new heights in the wake of the ruling this week from the UK Supreme Court, the SNP has said.

It comes as the Westminster parties continue to deny the cast-iron mandate of the people of Scotland for an independence referendum, while also reneging on their own pledges to respect democracy.

Commenting, SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown MSP said:

“This week’s Supreme Court ruling has shattered for ever the notion of the UK as a voluntary union of nations.

“It has exposed as utter fiction the claim that it is a partnership of equals.

“And it has also laid bare the duplicity of the Westminster parties who are flagrantly breaching their own pledges to the people to respect Scottish democracy.

“But if those same parties think that this week has ended the debate on Scotland’s future they couldn’t be more mistaken.

“Because what we will now see is Scotland’s independence movement set up the democratic case for this nation’s voice to be heard and respected.

“It is a movement which will hit new heights by galvanising public opinion in every city, town, village and community the length and breadth of Scotland.

“The Tories, Labour and the Lib Dems are breaking the promise they signed in 2014 in which they said it was for the Scottish people to decide how Scotland should be governed – and the subsequent promise in the Smith Commission report that nothing prevented people from choosing Scotland becoming independent if they wished.  

“It is for those parties to justify to the people why they now believe they can so arrogantly renege on those pledges.

“They should stop running scared of democracy and of a referendum they so clearly fear they would lose.

“The SNP will never give up on democracy and we are more determined than ever that democracy must and will prevail.”

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