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Independence Only Way to Secure Vital Social Security Net

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The SNP has said Scottish independence is the only way to secure our vital social security safety net after the UK Tory government threatens to slash welfare even further as a cost-saving measure.

It has been reported that housing benefit claimants could be among those to lose out as a result of the benefit staying frozen, and according to a new report by the Resolution Foundation, low-income families with children will be hit the hardest if the UK government refuses to keep its promise to uprate benefits in line with inflation.

The UK Tory Chancellor has also confirmed he is looking at raising the state pension to 67 and 68 sooner, removing the triple-lock on state pension, and means testing universal benefits to save money.

The Tories at Westminster have already scrapped free tv licenses for over 75s, brought in pension credit cuts that left pensioners up to £7000 worse off, cut Universal Credit by over £1000 per year, and imposed the cruel debt-inducing two-child limit on benefits for families.

Commenting, the SNP’s Work and Pensions spokesperson, Kirsty Blackman MP said:

“The Tories have already spent twelve years systematically dismantling the UK’s social security system, and now they want to take another sledge hammer to it. 

“This is why Scotland needs independence – so we can ensure there will always be a social security safety net for those that need it.

“Scotland has already shown it is building a better and fairer social security system, based on dignity and respect.

“The SNP Scottish Government, using its limited powers, has already brought in 7 brand new benefits, including the game-changing Scottish Child Payment, and uprated eight benefits by 6% in April in line with inflation.

“We could go much further with the full powers of independence. 

“Right now, 85% of social security spending lies with the Westminster government and it sets Scotland’s budget, so the Scottish Government has limited resources to work with.

“With independence, we can escape Tory austerity 2.0 and have full fiscal and borrowing powers which will allow us to do what is necessary to support and protect people.”

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