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International Conference Kicks Off to Boost Support for Scotland in The EU

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The SNP’s youth wing, Young Scots for Independence (YSI), is set to hold its biggest ever international conference – with 60 YSI delegates from across Scotland, as well as almost 30 youth leaders from 7 progressive European political parties.

The conference, under the heading of “Our European Future”, takes place on Friday 17th May and Saturday 18th May in Stirling and aims to expand the SNP’s international connections, boost international support for Scottish independence, and for Scotland rejoining the EU after independence.

It will include delegates from international youth parties such as the social democratic, green and EFA groupings – parties traditionally aligned with the Labour Party.

Over the two-day event, delegates will take part in panel discussions and workshops featuring senior parliamentarians including Angus Robertson MSP, Neil Gray MSP, Kaukab Stewart MSP, Alyn Smith MP, Amy Callaghan MP and more.

The conference will focus on how Scotland can play its full part in the world and how young people can contribute to that ambition right now and after independence.

It will cover a wide range of issue – from the cost of living crisis, to the rise of authoritarianism and the far right in Europe, to strengthening democracy and cooperation with Nordic nations.

Commenting Alyn Smith MP said:

“As the SNP MP for Stirling, I am very excited to have the YSI’s ‘Our European Future’ taking place in our wonderful city. 

“This year will likely not only see an election in the UK but will also witness another election to the European Parliament in June – an election very close to my heart as an MEP for 15 years.

“This brings into focus the issue of Brexit and the damaging effect it is having on Scotland – from the impact it is having on staffing shortages in our NHS to the Brexit border changes which are sending food prices even higher.

“Scotland did not vote for this. Like the majority of Scots, I’m proud to be European and I’m proud the SNP remains the most prominent EU-supporting party across the UK in the knowledge that Scotland can thrive as an independent country within the European Union.

“Voting SNP for independence is the best way to take us back into the largest single market in the world and have a real partnership of equals.” 

Commenting, the YSI’s International Officer and the conference manager, Olaf Stando, said:

“Scotland as a country, and the SNP as a party, are proudly internationalist – and this conference is testament to that.

“As the Westminster government takes a narrow, inward-looking and increasingly extreme path, and Scotland continues to pay a heavy price for Brexit we never voted for, it’s vital to raise Scotland’s voice in Europe.

“As Starmer’s Labour now clearly stands shoulder to shoulder with the Tories in backing the disastrous Brexit, it’s clear the SNP is the only major party offering the route back into Europe.

“This conference will bring an injection of much-needed optimism in these turbulent times, as we strengthen our links with international friends in pursuit of a fairer, greener, more equal society.”

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