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Inverness Campervan Firm Finds ‘Novel’ Way of Keeping Carers Safe During Covid19

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An Inverness campervan firm has found a ‘novel’ way of keeping carers safe during Covid19, by providing three of its vans to a local care home, in a bid to provide accommodation to its key workers.

Inverness based hire company, Highland Auto Campers, provided the vans to the Isobel Fraser Care Home, in a bid to keep care staff safe by providing campers as accommodation for their staff, whilst the facility is locked down for 3 weeks. 

Highland Auto Campers, which runs a fleet of vans normally hired out to holiday makers visiting the Scottish Highlands, was approached by the care home to provide accommodation to their key staff in the fight against the spread of Covid19.

Mark Jarratt (pictured with his wife), one of the owners of Highland Auto Campers, leapt at the opportunity to assist the care home, he said: 

“I have been impressed with way that local businesses in the Highlands – and in the wider community have been pulling together during the current crisis.

“When Victoria Connolly (manager at the Isobel Fraser Care Home) approached us to help, we immediately agreed to assist in any way that we could”

“The care home knew that they needed to take steps to keep both staff and residents, virus free, and by providing accommodation for their staff on site, it will be able to minimise the risk of the infection reaching their residents.”

This latest move comes at a time when sadly, many care homes in Scotland and the UK have already seen higher than average cases affecting their vulnerable residents.

In the current situation that the UK finds itself in, everyone is doing their bit to stay safe.

Mark added:

“We are really impressed by the pro-active steps that Victoria and the management team at the care home have taken to protect their residents.”

“Their quick action is a great example of a company making the safety of the residents and staff a priority, and I hope that other companies in our position will be able to do similar in other parts of the country.”

Mark continued:

“Whilst we are overwhelmed by the reactions we have had in recent days, the real heroes in this story are the care home staff, who are sacrificing time at home with their families and loved ones, to carry out their job. 

“We just hope that the campers provide them somewhere warm and comfortable to stay whilst they are based on site for the next few weeks.”

“When the current situation is over, the campers will go back to their normal job of providing holiday makers with fun accommodation to travel across Scotland in, but in the meantime our campervans called Ruby, Oscar and Hector, are doing their bit to help!”

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