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Monday, May 20, 2024

Inverness Councillors Approve Funding for Multiple Projects

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Various projects and community groups in the Inverness area have today been awarded funding by Inverness Councillors who approved:

  • 4 applications for repurposed COVID-19 funds;
  • 17 Ward discretionary applications; and
  • 6 projects from Inverness BID for Inverness Common Good Funding.

Just under £24,000 COVID-19 repurposed funding was awarded to: install new bus shelters in the Inverness Ness-side and Inverness Millburn Wards (at £3,881 each); and improve park areas at Bun-Sgoil Ghaidhlig Inbhir Nis (£10,000) and Holm Park (£6,197.27).

Leader of Inverness and Area Cllr Iain Brown said:

“Bus travel is high in these two Wards and these new investments will provide much needed shelter for bus users whatever the weather.

“The green park improvements will also provide outdoor space for all to enjoy.”

Members also noted that seventeen Ward Discretionary Budget applications have been approved since November 2023 totalling £21,782 benefitting a local food hub, and various schools and schools’ activities, churches, community councils, and sporting organisations.

Following the City of Inverness Area Committee approval of the Common Good Fund Budget for 2024/25, funds will be provided from the Common Good Fund’s Partnership Working Budget for 2024/25 after 1 April 2024 to Inverness BID for the following projects:

  • City of Inverness Annual Floral Displays 2024 – £52,410
  • Wider City of Inverness Annual Floral Displays 2024 – £23,631
  • Operation Respect Easter/Summer/Autumn 2024 – £13,403
  • Inverness Gull Project 2024 – £13,606
  • Safe Inverness Project 2024 – £9,700
  • Coach & Visitor Ambassador Project 2024 – £19,865.

Leader Brown added:

“The Highland Council continues to be supportive of Inverness BID and as it proceeds into its fourth successive 5-year term which will run till the end of March 2028.

“Council recognises and commends what Inverness BID can achieve through effective partnership and these awards from the Inverness Common Good will support the delivery of these important projects.”

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