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Investigation Demanded into Jack’s Ministerial Code Breach

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Tommy Sheppard MP has written to the Prime Minister demanding an investigation into whether the Secretary of State for Scotland, Alister Jack MP, broke the Ministerial Code. 

It follows comments made during his UK Covid-19 Inquiry, where he admitted using his position as a Minister to lobby for a significant section of his constituency to be included in a new £150 million “enhanced investment zone”. 

The comments fly in the face of Section 1.3 (h) of the Ministerial Code, which states that “Ministers in the House of Commons must keep separate their roles as Minister and constituency Member”.

Furthermore, Section 6.4 states that “where Ministers have to take decisions within their departments which might have an impact on their own constituencies, they must take particular care to avoid any possible conflict of interest.”

Mr Sheppard has urged the Prime Minister to investigate this development urgently and refer the matter to the Independent Advisor on Ministers interests. 

Commenting, the SNP’s Scotland spokesperson, Tommy Sheppard MP said:

“The Prime Minister must open an investigation into whether the Secretary of State for Scotland has broken the ministerial code without delay. 

“Mr Jack’s comments during the Covid-19 Inquiry clearly shows that he used his position as a Minister to influence the enhanced investment zone for his constituency, which fly’s in the face of the Ministerial Code.

“However, this is something we’ve become accustomed to with this UK Tory government. 

“Whether they’re handing out contracts worth millions of pounds for defunct PPE, or stuffing the House of Lords with their cronies and donors, their rank hypocrisy is clear for all to see.

“The general election offers voters the opportunity to make Scotland Tory-free, and return a strong group of SNP MPs that will always stand up for Scotland’s interest and values.”

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