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Isles MP Slams UK Gov for Gaza Ceasefire Abstention

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Tories and Labour party have abandoned the people of Gaza

Isles MP Angus MacNeil has slammed the UK Government for their decision to abstain from a vote on the UAE-drafted resolution at Friday’s UN Security Council meeting, which called for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza.

Mr MacNeil has been contacted by a large number of constituents over the last two months urging him to support calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza where more than 17,000 civilians have already been killed.

Last month Mr MacNeil backed a motion in the House of Commons which called for a ceasefire but the amendment to the King’s Speech was rejected by 293 votes to 125.

The Tories and the Labour party, including Scottish Labour MPs, did not support the motion for an immediate ceasefire.

Commenting, Mr MacNeil said:

“I have been contacted by a high number of constituents over the last few weeks regarding the humanitarian impact of Israel’s invasion of Gaza.

“More than 17,000 Palestinians have now been killed, and nearly half of that number are innocent children.

“There will be grave implications of not supporting a ceasefire, particularly in the context of the lives of thousands affected by the conflict.

“I will continue to represent the view of my constituents who have contacted me and will retain pressure on the UK Government and the Labour party to back a ceasefire in Gaza.”

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