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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Jack Refuses to Commit to £500 Million Just Transition Fund

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The Secretary of State for Scotland, Alister Jack, has once again snubbed the SNP’s call for the UK government to match the Scottish Government’s £500m Just Transition Fund.

Following a three month wait for a response to Alan Brown MPs letter, Mr Jack failed to commit to offering the money required to help ease the transition for families and business in the North East of Scotland.

Commenting, the SNP’s Energy and Industrial Strategy spokesperson, Alan Brown MP, said:

“After three months of waiting, the Secretary of State’s response has has confirmed that the UK government are not interested in a Just Transition for the North East.

“At a time when Harbour Energy has announced 350 redundancies, this response is nothing short of tone deaf.

“The SNP’s commitment to a Just Transition is in stark contrast to the Tories, who have left people and businesses across the North East waiting almost two years for Westminster to match the SNP Scottish Government’s £500m Just Transition Fund.

“Warm words won’t cut it when it comes to investing in the future of our energy sector, which supports thousands of businesses and jobs in these communities.

“It’s time for the UK government to act, and act now.

“If they fail on this, Scotland – and in particular the North East – will not forgive them for it.

“However, there can be no doubt that independence is the only way to ensure Scotland fulfils its vast potential and continues as a world-leader when it comes to tackling our climate crisis.”

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