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Jamie Stone Calls for Immediate General Election

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Jamie Stone, Liberal Democrat MP for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross has called on the Prime Minister Liz Truss to call an immediate General Election. 

The Liberal Democrats have condemned the Government for their mini budget chaos which has led to increased mortgage costs, soaring energy bills, sky-high petrol prices and rising food costs.

Commenting, Mr Stone for the Far North said: 

“So much damage has already been done by these Conservatives and they will force millions of struggling families and pensioners in the Highlands to pay for it.

“The Conservative government has already trashed the British economy and put hundreds of pounds on people’s mortgages.

“Now they are going to inflict even more pain by hiking energy bills, raising taxes and slashing crucial public services, while still protecting the excess profits of oil and gas giants and bankers’ bonuses.

“The whole Conservative Party is out of touch and does not care.

“That is why we need a General Election, to take them out of power and end this crisis.

“For too long this Conservative Government has taken all of us for here granted.

“With the next election needed more than ever it’s clear that only the Liberal Democrats will stand up for the Far North.” 

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