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Johnson Making The Same Mistakes All Over Again on Border Controls

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The SNP has said Boris Johnson is “making the same mistakes all over again” by failing to introduce tough border controls to tackle covid-19.

It comes as The Times reports the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) had said “geographically targeted travel bans” were not enough to stop new coronavirus strains from arriving in the country, and the only way to “get close” to stopping them was to close the borders completely or introduce mandatory hotel quarantine measures for everyone entering the UK.

The SNP has repeatedly called for tougher border controls to tackle covid-19 since last spring but the UK government has ignored these calls and failed to respond adequately – allowing millions of arrivals into the UK since the start of the pandemic, without travel bans or proper health and quarantining measures.

Last night, Douglas Ross and all six Scottish Tory MPs followed Boris Johnson’s orders and abstained on a vote in Parliament on covid security at the border.

In the past few months, Scottish Tory MPs have also voted against free school meals, abstained on cuts to Universal Credit, abstained on workers’ rights, abstained on a trade ban for countries committing genocide, and voted for Boris Johnson’s damaging hard Brexit.

Commenting, SNP Shadow Home Secretary Stuart McDonald MP said:

“Boris Johnson is repeating the same mistakes all over again by refusing to introduce the strict border controls and health measures needed to tackle the spread of covid-19 and its new variants.

“The SNP has been calling for tougher restrictions since last spring but we have been repeatedly ignored by the Prime Minister, who has allowed millions of arrivals into the UK in the middle of a pandemic without the necessary travel bans, health measures and quarantining in place.

“No one wants to restrict people’s travel but unfortunately the cost of not doing so is far too high.

“It is time for the UK government to finally take the action they should have taken a year ago.

“It is a shocking dereliction of duty that Boris Johnson has allowed this to go on for so long.

“Throughout this crisis the Tory government has repeatedly ignored the science, dithered, delayed and acted far too late.

“These half-baked measures are simply not good enough – they are putting lives at risk.

“There must be a U-turn.”

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