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Join Countryside Ranger’s for a Fungi Foray

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Join High Life Highland’s Countryside Ranger’s for an autumnal fungi foray in Ledmore and Migdale, on Friday, September 24.

Guests can discover whether mushrooms are a fun-guy or a fatal-foe as you view some of the spectacular specimens to be found in the woods – owned and managed by the Woodland Trust – around Spinningdale, and learn what you need to look for to identify them.

High Life Highland Countryside Ranger for Easter Ross Marcia Rae said:

“There are roughly 12,000 species of fungi in Scotland but only a handful are regularly eaten.

“We will delve into this fascinating world and discover those that are edible and those that are not – most importantly we will look at what features can help us tell the difference.

“We always encourage people to be very careful when foraging as some mushrooms are toxic and it’s best to be sensible and leave unfamiliar mushrooms alone.

“Autumn is the most abundant time for mushrooms, but they are present all year round, invisibly helping plants grow and recycling nutrients into the soil.”

High Life Highland’s Countryside Rangers run a wide range of events and activities throughout the year which aim to help raise awareness and encourage appreciation of the scenery, wildlife and heritage of the Highlands.

Aimed at local communities and visitors alike, events are free, but the Rangers rely on donations to help protect Highland wildlife and heritage.

Spaces are limited for this event, so booking is essential.

To book, click here.

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