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Katy Loudon Calls for Mortgage Tax Relief

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The SNP’s Katy Loudon has today called on Westminster to reintroduce tax relief on mortgage payments in a bid to support homeowners across Scotland during the cost of living crisis.

Loudon, the local candidate in the Rutherglen and Hamilton-West by-election, has today (Friday 8) written to Tory Chancellor Jeremy Hunt to demand more action to support homeowners – outlining that a tax relief scheme could reduce the burden being felt by working households in Scotland by allowing people to make mortgage repayments from their salary prior to tax and national insurance deductions.

A similar scheme, Miras, was available previously in the 1980 & 1990s, where people could request mortgage interest relief at source.

Commenting SNP candidate Katy Loudon said:

“Homeowners in Rutherglen & Hamilton-West, and across Scotland, are paying the price for Westminster’s economic mismanagement with rising mortgage payments – on top of rocketing energy bills and soaring food prices.

“This week, the First Minister outlined his plan to support families during the cost of living crisis by increasing free childcare and boosting pay for many workers.

“But the Westminster parties are sitting on their hands, refusing to provide the real action families need right now as they cope with the mess Westminster created.

“Introducing tax relief on mortgage payments is a simple measure that can be introduced right now to keep more money in the pockets of homeowners who are simply trying to keep a roof over their heads.

“I’ve written to the Tory Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, demanding homeowners are handed the support they deserve.

“The message to voters in Rutherglen & Hamilton West is clear: vote SNP to elect an MP that will stand up and fight for the real action ordinary people need during this cost of living crisis.”

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