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Labour Imposing Trident on Scotland

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The SNP has urged Scots to “Vote SNP to end Trident nuclear weapons and put Scotland’s interests first” – as Keir Starmer confirmed a Labour Party government would continue to waste billions imposing nuclear weapons on the Clyde.

Commenting, SNP candidate for West Dunbartonshire Martin Docherty-Hughes said:

“Nuclear weapons have no place in Scotland, and only a vote for the SNP in July will protect Scotland’s interest against the Labour and Tories – neither of whom will do what the people in Scotland want and scrap Trident nuclear weapons for good.

“In the middle of a cost of living crisis, it is objectively wrong that Keir Starmer would funnel billions of pound of public money into keeping weapons of mass destruction on our doorstep in Scotland, while families are still living in poverty after 14 years of Tory austerity, and our budget from the UK government keeps getting slashed.

“As tensions across the world increase, Scotland wants no part in the UK government’s plans for nuclear weapons which are not only morally abhorrent, but financially reckless.

“We in the SNP know that a future without nuclear weapons is possible, and in this upcoming General Election people will get the chance to say no to Trident nuclear weapons, and vote SNP for a future made in Scotland, for Scotland.”

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