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Labour Must Commit to Devolving Employment Laws to Holyrood

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Ahead of the final stages of the UK government’s anti-strike legislation, the SNP has once again urged pro-Brexit Labour to commit to devolving employment laws to Holyrood. 
In a letter to Keir Starmer, Stephen Flynn MP has said the urgency to devolve employment laws to Scotland “grows stronger every day” – with Westminster control directly resulting in over 105,000 Scottish workers being denied “the dignity of basic working practices in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis”.
The call follows comments made by the General Secretary of the Scottish Trades Union Congress, Roz Foyer, who offered the long-standing solution to this disgraceful situation.

Ms Foyer said:
“Now more than ever, Scotland needs the devolution of employment law to outlaw, once and for all, the use of zero hours contracts, giving workers security, certainty and workplace rights from day one of their employment.”
The SNP Westminster Leader has previously written to Keir Starmer, offering to work alongside him to oppose the Bill, and to discuss the possibility of devolving employment powers to Scotland in order to protect Scottish workers from Tory attacks. Unfortunately, he received no reply. 
Commenting, the SNP Westminster Leader, Stephen Flynn MP, said:
“This draconian piece of legislation is the latest in a long list of Tory attacks on workers’ rights and protections – and shows the need for Scotland to hold the powers of employment laws. 
“The urgency and evidence for devolving employment law grows stronger every day.

“Only last week, the ONS confirmed that 3.9% – or 105,000 – of the Scottish workforce are dealing with the deep insecurity caused by zero-hour contracts. 
“From Labour MSPs to the STUC, there is widespread political and civic support for devolving employment powers to Scotland. 

“Workers’ rights will never be safe in the hands of the Tories and Westminster control.
“The SNP will always stand up for workers’ rights and vigorously defend the right to strike – but continued Westminster control is directly resulting in Scottish workers being denied the dignity of basic working practises in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis. 
“While the SNP will do everything we can to stop these Westminster attacks on Scottish workers, ultimately Scotland needs the full powers of independence to protect workers’ rights, escape Westminster control and build a fair and prosperous economy for all.” 

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