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Labour Show True Colours by Welcoming Former Tory MP

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The SNP has said “Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party has shown its true colours” after inviting former Conservative MP Nick Boles to introduce Rachel Reeves prior to her speech in London earlier today. 

Mr Boles’ appearance “should act as a warning to voters right across Scotland”, the SNP’s cabinet spokesperson, Kirsty Blackman MP, has said – warning that the views and values of Mr Boles highlight the “new look Labour Party”.

During his 9 years as a Conservative MP, Mr Boles called for:

– housing benefits to be slashed.
– the winter fuel allowance for pensioners to be removed.
– free bus travel for pensioners to be removed. 
– free prescription for pensioners to be removed.
– free TV license for over 75’s to be removed.

Mr Boles also voted in favour of:

– the bedroom tax on five separate occasions.
– slashing welfare benefits on 29 separate occasions.
– reducing taxes on banks.

Kirsty Blackman MP has challenged Sir Keir Starmer to explain whether or not these views and values are now accepted within his Labour Party.

Commenting, Kirsty Blackman MP said:

“Just a week after Sir Keir Starmer welcomed Tory MP Dan Poulter to the opposition benches with open arms, his Labour Party has once again shown its true colours by bringing former Tory MP Nick Boles into the fold.

“This is a man who on no less than 29 occasions, voted in favour of slashing welfare benefits for the most vulnerable in our society – and voted in favour of the grotesque bedroom tax on five separate occasions. 

“This is a total embarrassment for Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party, and should act as a warning to voters right across Scotland

“The Labour Party regularly talk about how they have ‘changed’ – but voters across these isles will be shocked to learn that the views and values of his Party have changed so drastically, that they now appeal to current and former Tory MPs.

“The SNP’s views and values are clear, and they are representative of Scotland.

“At the general election, it is only the SNP who will stand up for Scotland’s interests – and prioritise the people of Scotland at every possible opportunity.”

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