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Labour Threatening Scotland’s Green Energy Potential

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“Labour is threatening Scotland’s green energy potential”, the SNP has warned, after new analysis found the UK’s net-zero economy grew by 9% in 2023.

It comes in stark contrast to the UK’s overall economic growth, which totalled a mere 0.1%. 

The report, by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) and the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), also highlighted the danger of the political U-turn made by Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party, who turned their back on investing £28 billion annually on the green renewable sector.

Peter Chalky, Director of the ECIU, warned that it was “clear that the policy U-turns of the past year have damaged investor confidence at a time when the US and EU are investing billions to compete for clean industries.”

More than 1,000 firms and business leaders have criticised Labour’s recent U-turn, as well as Sir Keir’s new tax proposals for the North East of Scotland – proposals that could destroy up to 100,000 jobs in the region. 

Commenting, the SNP’s Energy and Net Zero spokesperson, Dave Doogan MP said:

“Labour is threatening Scotland’s green energy potential.

“At a time when the US and EU are investing billions into the green renewable goldrush, it is economically illiterate for the UK to move in a different direction. 

“You can’t compete if you’re not willing to enter the race.

“Instead, what Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party has opted for is wedding itself to the Tories on Brexit, their fiscal rules, and their desire to abandon’s Scotland’s green energy potential – all of which will lead to another decade of austerity and poor growth. 

“That is not the change families across these isles are crying out for.

“The £28 billion once promised was the bare minimum the UK needed.

“By U-turning, as the Director of the ECIU rightly said, the confidence of major investors has been damaged – as has Scotland’s energy future.

“The SNP will continue to reject Sir Keir Starmer’s fiscal incompetence and stand up for Scotland’s green renewable sector.

“It is the future of Scotland’s economy, and it cannot be squandered.”

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