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Labour Tinkering Proves Independence is The Only Way to Get Rid of The Tories for Good

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“Broons Brigadoon” disappears once more as Labour split over further devolution.

“Broon’s Brigadoon” – Gordon Brown’s mythical plan for constitutional reform – has proved even more fleeting than normal after it vanished again following the briefest of appearances at the Labour conference.

In its latest sighting, the mythical plan was reported to include proposals to abolish the House of Lords, a promise Labour first made in 1910 which remains undelivered 112 years later.

There were, however, no details of new powers for Scotland, with suggestions that the constitutional reforms will only apply to England – and Shadow Scots Secretary Ian Murray confirmed that the plan is disappearing back into the mists for another few months at least.

Despite its fleeting appearance, it still caused a major split in the party when two former Scottish Labour leaders rejected any suggestion that Labour should support devolving more powers to Holyrood.

Commenting, SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown said:

“Labour’s endless prevarication and tinkering proves that Independence is the only way to get rid of the Tories for good – something that has never been more vital in the current, escalating economic crisis. 

“Even by its elusive reputation this was a fleeting appearance of ‘Broon’s Brigadoon’ – there one minute, gone the next.

“We have heard it all before with Gordon Brown’s notorious interventions, like promising before the 2014 referendum that a ‘No’ vote would make the UK “as close to a federal state” as possible.

“The people of Scotland have seen through him.

“We expect Starmer’s speech tomorrow (Tues) will offer absolutely nothing new of substance to Scotland, as did Anas Sarwar, whose conference address made clear he prioritises grubby council coalitions with the Tories above progressive alliances to improve the lives of ordinary Scots.

“Broon’s Brigadoon also offers Scotland nothing.

“It provides zero protection from Brexit, Westminster austerity cuts, Liz Truss’s latest Budget obscenity, power grabs and repeated Tory governments we don’t vote for.”

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