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Labour’s Staggering Hypocrisy Cannot Mask Support for Damaging Brexit and Austerity

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The SNP has slammed Scottish Labour as hypocrites for grandstanding in a Holyrood debate on the cost of living crisis when they are supporting the economic pain of a hard Brexit and austerity cuts.

During a debate in The Scottish Parliament today, SNP MSP Paul McLennan stressed that Labour’s record in government show that they are barely distinguishable from the Tories and therefore it’s clear independence is the only way to keep Scotland safe and escape Westminster control for good.

The MSP has highlighted the devastating implications for people across Scotland of both Labour and the Tories backing the long-term damage of Brexit, despite increasing evidence of the damage that both are causing.

Commenting SNP MSP Paul McLennan said:

“Scottish Labour’s hypocrisy is staggering and they are wildly mistaken if they think people across Scotland will accept their shameful grandstanding.

“Their abysmal track record of being in government is clear, from scapegoating benefit claimants and the disabled to betraying single parents, asylum seekers and immigrants.

“The increasingly right wing policies and actions that we see from Labour today show they would be no different if they were in charge in Westminster.

“They are a pro-Brexit party, who are embracing the huge damage being dragged out of the EU is inflicting on Scotland.

“They have also shown their abandonment of ordinary workers on the picket line and their alliance with the Tories in coalitions in councils across the country.

“And the best example of what Labour would be like in power is how they governed last time.

“Keir Starmer’s admiration for Tony Blair is well known and whilst the last Labour government not only targeted cuts at the disabled and single parents they feted the wealthy and big business.

“The SNP Scottish Government is continuing to take actions where it can – within its limited powers and budget  – to help households across Scotland struggling with the Tory made cost of living crisis but the only way to properly protect the people of Scotland from the devastating consequences of Westminster control is to become an independent country.”

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