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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Landmark Poll Shows Independence Now

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Commenting on the results of the Ipsos/Mori poll conducted for STV, which shows that of those expressing a view 58% of people would vote Yes in an independence referendum – and that the SNP are on course to win a historic majority in next year’s Holyrood election – SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown (pictured) said that it showed that independence was now the settled will of the majority of people in Scotland.

The poll puts support for independence at the highest ever level, and shows the SNP would also 58% of the constituency vote in next year’s election, putting the party on course to win an outright majority of seats at Holyrood.

It shows strong support for the leadership of Nicola Sturgeon, with 72% saying they are satisfied with the job she is doing as First Minister – a net approval rating of +49.

The poll also finds a majority of people in Scotland (51%) feel Boris Johnson “definitely should” grant a new independence vote if the SNP win a majority of seats in May 2021.

Commenting, Keith Brown MSP said:

“This is a landmark poll which shows that independence has now become the settled will of the majority of people in Scotland.

“Faced with the chaotic and incompetent government of Boris Johnson and a Westminster system which treats Scotland as an afterthought at best, more and more people are deciding that the best way forward for Scotland is as an equal, independent country.

“And if there is a clear majority for pro-independence, pro-referendum parties in next year’s election – as this poll shows there would be by some considerable margin – then no Tory or any UK Government has the right to stand in the way.

“Quite simply, in those circumstances, the Tories would lack any moral or democratic authority whatsoever to try and block the will of the people, and it would not stand.

“Already, the Westminster wall of opposition to a referendum has started to crumble, with private acknowledgement that a result like this in next year’s election would have to lead to a referendum, and this poll will only solidify that growing view.

“The poll also shows strong support for the outstanding leadership of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, both among SNP supporters and the public as a whole, as she leads the country through the unprecedented crisis caused by the pandemic.

“The SNP takes absolutely nothing for granted and we will redouble our efforts between now and next year’s election to retain the trust of the people.

“But it is clearer than ever that Scotland’s future lies as an independent country.”

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