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Levelling Up Fund Projects Reach Planning Stage   

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The three projects in Castle Street, Bught Park and Northern Meeting Park in Inverness supported by £19.8m from the UK Government’s the Levelling Up Fund continue to make positive progress, with each having now reached the planning stage.    

The newly submitted planning applications for the three projects will collectively deliver the Inverness Zero Carbon Cultural Regeneration Project.   

The three strategically aligned and complementary projects within the city will provide enhanced facilities for residents, help to attract tourists and will improve the environmental, cultural and economic regeneration of Inverness, as well as helping The Highland Council to achieve its net zero carbon targets.  

The first of the plans to be submitted for a new Energy Centre in Castle Street includes an innovative renewable energy system that will supply energy to Inverness Castle and to businesses within the Castlehill area. 

This addition will enhance the existing plans for transformation of Inverness Castle and would not have been possible without the Levelling Up Funding.   

The plans for the Bught and Northern Meeting Parks will restore the existing grandstands and recognise the cultural significance that each venue plays in the city’s heritage by providing facilities that celebrate Bught Park as the home of shinty and the Northern Meeting Park as the historic home of the Inverness Highland Games.   

The projects will not only provide transformational cultural opportunities for residents and visitors but will create more accessible space to support activities and events, while helping the Council to meet the UK and Scottish Governments’ net zero-carbon targets.  

UK Government Minister for Scotland Iain Stewart said: 

“These three community-driven projects will further enhance the city’s rich cultural landscape while creating eco-friendly spaces for both residents and visitors to enjoy.

“This is being supported by £19.8million of UK Government investment, part of the £2 billion we are putting into levelling-up across Scotland.” 

Levelling up Fund Board co-chair and Leader of Inverness and Area, Cllr Ian Brown, said:  

“It is very exciting to see Highland’s ambitious levelling up fund bid for the UK Government’s Zero Carbon Cultural Regeneration Project progressing to the planning stages.

“Everyone involved should be rightly proud of the hard work they have done to help us reach this milestone.”

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