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Local Garage Goes The Extra Mile to Keep You Safe

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Alness Autos in Alness is open for business as usual through these unprecedented times.

Being a small local business operating out of The Teaninch Industrial Estate they are ideally placed to help you out with all your motoring needs through these worrying times.

The team at Alness Autos understands that everyone is concerned over their own health and family’s health and wellbeing, that is why they do not want you to have any motoring worries.

With social distancing and all the talk of keeping ourselves safe your vehicle becomes more important to you than ever before.

If you have any problems with your vehicle and have concerns on how to get it to a garage to get repaired, don’t worry the team at Alness Autos have you covered.

If your vehicle needs any work the team at Alness Autos is offering free local collection and return of your vehicle, there will be no physical contact between you, the customer and a member of the team, your car will be returned to you repaired and fully sanitised to put your mind at ease.

A member of the team at Alness Autos said:

“We realise that these are unprecedented times and all that everyone wants is to keep themselves and their loved ones safe and out of harm’s way.

“We are a local business serving the local community, as we have said these are difficult times that is why we are offering, free of charge, free local collection and return of vehicles to our customers door.

“We realise that people’s vehicles are more important to them now than ever that is why we are offering this service, we are a community based business and we want to do our best to keep our customers safe and on the road.”

You can contact Alness Autos here.

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