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Local MSP Says Households Across The Highlands are Paying a High Price for The Inaction of The UK Government

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MSP Emma Roddick has said that households across the Highlands continue to be let down by the UK Government’s ‘economic mismanagement’.

Whilst the UK Government welcomed news today that inflation had fallen for the first time since last August, Ms Roddick commented that, with food inflation at a near 45-year high and households still faced with massively increased living costs, there was no cause for celebration.

She said:

“Today’s news will mean very little for households across the Highlands.

“Although inflation has dropped, folk across the Highlands continue to be hammered by this Tory-made cost-of-living crisis.

“With food inflation still sitting at 19.1%, the highest it has been in almost 45 years, and households struggling to simply get by day to day, no one should be under the illusion that the UK Government has the situation under control.

“The Scottish Government continues to do all it can to reduce the devastating impacts of this shambolic economic mismanagement, but there is only so much that can be done within the constraints of devolution.

“Here in Scotland, we want to look after people, and we should not have to wait a minute longer for the UK Government to step up and do the bare minimum.

“Enough is enough.”

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