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Local Security Firm Brings Emergency Training to Moray


Pictured from left: Steve Robertson Managing Director, Jorden Davies Training Coordinator, Jamie Dawson Training Instructor and Caitlin Fleming from Grampian Furnishers.

A Moray-based security firm is hosting a free training event to help prepare the public on how to react in the event of an emergency situation.

Working alongside citizenAID, a charity which educates the public on what to do if involved in a deliberate attack or incident resulting in multiple casualties, Saltaire Security and its sister company Saltaire Medics will bring the workshop to Elgin next month.

Steve Robertson, owner of the two companies said he wanted to host the training to ensure as many people as possible know what to do in an emergency.

“This is not about frightening people, but instead helping them to be ready should any type of emergency situation arise.

“It is not how any of us want it to be, but the fact is, deliberate attacks do happen and so do incidents such a road traffic accidents resulting in multiple casualties and if Saltaire, in association with citizenAID can do something that is positive and support and educate people, then we feel that’s the right thing to do.”

Steve who set Saltaire Security up in 2006 and more recently launched Saltaire Medics added:

“The training course covers basic first aid, but also what to do if there are multiple casualties or indeed some kind of deliberate attack.

“To a degree, it feels as though we are sheltered from attacks here in Moray which is seen to be a safe place to live, but you can never be over prepared and with many people travelling all over the world and to major cities where unfortunately deliberate attacks can be more common, it’s good to know what to do.”

People attending the event at Grampian Coffee House situated in Grampian Furnishers will also be given an information handbook and be encouraged to download the interactive citizenAID App which has been designed to reduce anxiety if someone finds them in an unfamiliar situation.

It was developed by military and civilian medics to teach people about how to provide potentially life-saving treatment before the arrival of emergency services in the event of an incident.

Mike Robinson, operations manager of CitizenAid said:

“We are delighted that Saltaire has decided to run the training in the north of Scotland, although our Ambassadors are active throughout Scotland, I think this is the furthest north our initiative has reached so far, so it’s great that we are getting the message out there.

“As Steve said, CitizenAID is not designed to put fear into people, but to empower them if and when they find themselves in a situation which is stressful, unfamiliar and there are multi injuries.

“What people attending the training will learn is basic first aid, but it will also cover a wide range of injuries that such a severe bleeding, crush injuries and shock which takes it beyond the basics.”

“It is all based on a tried and tested system which is also available on our free down loadable app, or our Pocket Guide which can be purchased from our shop website at www.citizenaid.org

Booking is essential for the training sessions which will take place on March 15 and 16 between 8.30am-12.30pm.

Contact Jorden on 07732466243 or email Jorden.davies@saltairesecurity.com.

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