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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Lochhead Responds to UK Government U-Turn on Tax Cuts

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Responding to the UK Chancellor’s announcement this morning that the Tory Government is now abandoning plans to cut taxes for the highest earners, Moray’s SNP MSP Richard Lochhead said:

“The Chancellor’s so-called ‘mini-budget’ has been an absolute disaster for people in Moray and has caused complete economic chaos.

“Ordinary households, who are already stretched financially, have paid the price – including those who are now paying a Tory-dividend on their mortgage payments.

“Until now Moray’s own Tory MP enthusiastically backed the Chancellor’s plans for tax cuts for the wealthiest, paid for by those on low incomes.

“In fact he was so enthusiastic, he wanted the Scottish Government to follow the Tory’s disastrous plans.

“Mr Ross’s credibility is now in tatters and this screeching u-turn by the Chancellor leaves him humiliated.

“How he can look any constituent in the face after this escapes me.

“The Tory Government is now set to make billions of pounds of cuts to public spending.

“And the fact that it took a backlash at the Tory conference rather than the economic carnage and revulsion throughout the UK to persuade the PM and Chancellor to change their minds speaks volumes about what matters to them.

“Scotland needs to escape this Westminster nightmare and independence can’t come soon enough.”

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