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Lochhead Welcomes Progress in Lhanbryde to Fochabers Cycle Path Campaign

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Transport Scotland has confirmed to Richard Lochhead MSP (pictured) that it is set to publish a report looking at how it could fill the gap in the cycle path between Lhanbryde and Fochabers.

Mr Lochhead has raised the issue of the gap with Transport Scotland on a number of occasions, following discussions with local cyclists.

Moray’s MSP has repeatedly urged Transport Scotland to fill the gap in the cycle route and would mean a continuous connection between Elgin and Fochabers for local bike users.

Transport Scotland updated the MSP confirming that a report to investigate the feasibility of achieving this had been commissioned and the findings are scheduled to be published in September. 

Commenting Mr Lochhead said:

“For a number of years now I have been pressing Transport Scotland to look at how they could fill the gap in the cycle path between Fochabers and Lhanbryde.

“The small gap in the route is something that has been raised with me on a number of occasions by constituents and I have repeatedly called for the gap to be filled, so we have a completed route between Fochabers and Elgin.

“I’m pleased that Transport Scotland is now looking at options and look forward to reading the findings of their report in due course.

“There’s a big emphasis on trying to encourage people to leave their cars at home and switch to a greener option such as cycling, and joined up infrastructure is absolutely central to that.

“I’ve no doubt that completing this route and filling the gap in the existing path would be a boost to existing cyclists in the area and would encourage others to consider getting on their bike too.”

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