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Lord David Cameron Threatens to Block Scottish Government From Meeting Other Countries

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The SNP has said Westminster’s crude attempt to silence Scotland’s international voice risks Scottish jobs and investment. 
The foreign secretary, Lord David Cameron, has threatened to block the Scottish Government from meeting other countries and to expel Scottish Government staff from UK overseas offices.
This came on the same day a new report was published, illustrating the achievements of the Scottish Government’s international network from 2022 to 2023.

The report, “International network: annual report 2022-2023”, shows the positive impact the Scottish Government’s international activity has had on Scotland’s economy, trade and investment, as well as efforts in tackling climate change and supporting our future in renewable energy.
With the clear success of international offices around the world, the SNP has said the Tory government is either “arrogant or ignorant” for threatening “to consider the presence of Scottish government offices in UK government posts.”
Commenting the SNP’s Keith Brown said:
“Westminster’s threats to silence Scotland are either arrogant or ignorant and show they will never see the UK as a partnership of equals.

“They are seeking to damage Scotland’s place in the world and it’s clear that independence is the only way to protect our interests.
“Scotland is a proudly international country and we recognise the huge benefits of being a good global citizen – whether it be promoting Scottish businesses or playing our part in resolving international refugee crises.
“This report shows exactly why it is so important for the Scottish Government to be engaging with countries around the world and the positive impact that engagement has on our economy as well as our ability to tackle some of the biggest challenges the world faces right now.
“Quite frankly, the Tory government should focus on trying to salvage their own international reputation which is quickly disappearing as Westminster continues to plough on with its inward looking, self-obsessed, Brexit Britain agenda.
“In the face of an increasingly isolated Westminster, the SNP will continue to stand up for Scotland’s interests and work with others where we can to build a better, fairer, successful future for everyone as an independent country.”

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