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MacNeil Asks CalMac to Justify Better Weather Disruption

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Na h-Eileanan an Iar MP Angus MacNeil has expressed exasperation at CalMac’s latest illogical decision-making process that goes with little explanation or justification to the public but by mere pronouncement, leaving communities to scramble and to figure out how to cope not just with bad weather but with CalMac.

Commenting Angus MacNeil said:

“This morning my email messages have been red hot with people utterly stunned at CalMac’s concept of “safe berthing” in better weather.

“CalMac have decided to move the MV Isle of Lewis after the bad weather is over, for what they call a safe berth in Stornoway.

“Regardless of the transport chaos that their decisions cause, there is no explanation or justification for this, merely a pronouncement from CalMac.

“This is simply not good enough.

“Last week the ferry was berthed in Castlebay during two named storms.

“This morning the weather is worse than it is any other part of the week in the “Safe berthing” period and the ferry is now berthed in Castlebay.

“In the past CalMac were moving the ferry in south easterly winds after there was a bollard rating wrongly done when the number of the bollard was wrongly read. 

“This resulted in again moving without explanation or concern to interruption by CalMac about a bollard issue.

“When the bollard issue was found things were corrected.

“Now it is a south westerly wind, and we do not know if CalMac are saying if the fendering at Castlebay Pier is not good enough in lighter winds!?

“But what we do know is that is causing a lot of travel chaos to people. 

“Pronouncing on high from whoever makes these decisions at CalMac is not good enough for communities.

“CalMac management far away from the communities concerned do not seem to care, explain or justify to the public when they make these decisions.

“This is the message that is coming through loud and clear this morning from Barra as people are scrambling to catch ferries and people are scrambling to make the economy work.

“CalMac shrug their shoulders, do not care, and do what they want.

“Finally, this morning, I was asked by one bemused and disgruntled islander, “When can the tunnels start?”

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