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MacTavish Cup Final – Kingussie vs Fort William

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Kingussie & Fort William face off in the cottages.com MacTavish Cup Final in what is a replay of the 2011 final this weekend.

Fort William are scoring an average of 3.5 goals per game and conceding an average of 1.25 goals per game.

Fort William are remarkably consistent goal scorers across the duration of the match.

During the opening period, the team has hit 5 goals, maintaining this momentum through the 15-30, 30-45, and 45-60 minute intervals, each also contributing 5 goals.

This consistent performance highlights their ability to capitalise early and sustain pressure on their opponents.

There is a slight decline in Fort hitting the net across the final third of the game, despite this, the club’s ability to score across all intervals underscores a robust and balanced attacking prowess.

In the initial period, Fort William’s defence stands almost impenetrable, conceding only 1 goal.

However, proves slightly more vulnerable in the 2nd period of the game with the team allowing 3 goals.

This spike suggests a brief period of adjustment or potential lapses in concentration, which opponents have capitalised on.

As the game progresses, the team tightens its defensive grip.

Both the 30-45 and 45-60 minute intervals see 2 goals conceded each, indicating a balanced defensive effort during these mid-game phase The data reflects a strategic regrouping and increased defensive focus as the game unfolds.

Remarkably, Fort William showcase exceptional resilience in the final 15 minutes of matches, conceding no goals between 75-90 minutes.

This period of clean sheets underlines the team’s ability to sustain defensive pressure and close out games effectively, a testament to their stamina and discipline

Kingussie are scoring an average of 3.33 goals per game and conceding an average of 0.75.

Kingussie are, a constant threat.

But there are a few particularly interesting periods, approaching the end of the first half, Kingussie maintains their offensive tempo, netting an impressive 10 goals between the 30-45 minute interval.

This surge indicates a potent combination of skill and tactical awareness, as the team capitalise on opponents’ defensive vulnerabilities before halftime.

Entering the final third of the match, Kingussie demonstrate endurance, scoring 8 goals in both the 60-75 and 75-90 minute periods.

This late-game surge reflects the team’s ability to maintain focus and exploit fatigue in opposing defences, securing crucial goals to clinch matches.

During the opening 0-15 minutes, Kingussie concedes 4 goals, indicating a vulnerability to early attacking pressure or potential lapses in defensive coordination.

However, this is quickly rectified in the subsequent intervals, with no goals conceded between 15-30 minutes, showcasing a swift defensive adjustment and improved focus.

Comparing the defensive numbers to the offensive statistics reveals a complementary relationship.

The periods with fewer goals conceded often align with intervals of heightened offensive output.

This correlation suggests that Kingussie’s proactive attacking approach may serve as a form of defensive strategy, keeping opponents on the back foot and limiting their opportunities to exploit defensive vulnerabilities.

Overall, Kingussie’s defensive solidity, coupled with their potent attacking prowess, reflects a well-rounded team capable of both scoring goals and preventing them.


“It’s huge for us to be playing in a cottages.com MacTavish Cup Final, absolutely delighted to be there.

“We are in the National Division but we have taken confidence from our game against Newtonmore, especially the first half before going down to 11 men and if we play to our best, why can’t we cause an upset.

“The club haven’t been to a major final in 10 years and to lead the team out on Saturday is going to be huge, I missed the start of the season with injury but I’m coming back into it now and really looking forward to getting out there.”


“We are delighted to be in the cottages.com MacTavish Cup Final again, we treat every final with the utmost respect and while there may be people outside of the club underestimating Fort William because they are in the league below, we certainly won’t be – and that will be drilled into everyone at training this week.

“For the club, it’s the first piece of silverware available in the season, so to win the MacTavish sets you up perfectly for the rest of the season and it shows who the best team in the North is so to win the trophy is incredible.”

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