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Major Delivery Taken for River Ness Hydro Project

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Archimedes Screws being delivered to River Ness site

The Highland Council took delivery of two huge Archimedes Screws today on the site where the local authority is building a new hydroelectric generator and interactive visitor experience on the River Ness.

The generator will use the Archimedes Screws to harness the energy of the water flowing down the River Ness.

Highland Primary and Secondary pupils are reminded that they have until Friday 5th November if they wish to enter a competition to design a poster and name the ambitious building and interactive visitor experience which captures the main themes of the Hydro project: Sustainability, Renewable Energy, Climate Change and STEM Learning.

The competition is open to any pupil or group of pupils from Highland primary or secondary schools, and after-school or extracurricular clubs can also take part.

To take part pupils should design their poster – which should include the name they have chosen for the Hydro scheme – and email it (as a document, pdf or photo) by Friday 5th November 2021 to carbonclever@highland.gov.uk.

All emailed entries should also include details of everyone who has been involved in the design.

The Chair of The Highland Council’s Education Committee, Councillor John Finlayson is encouraging schools to take part.

He said:

“This exciting new hydro project will serve as a flagship for the Highland Council’s response to climate change and will be operating for many years to come so we are looking to our young people to get creative.

“It is quite a challenge to find a fitting name and poster design that captures the essence of this ambitious project, but I have every confidence in the talents of our pupils.”

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