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Majority of Scots Want Independence

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A clear majority of voters in Scotland believe that Boris Johnson’s Tory government can no longer stand in the way of a fresh referendum on Scotland’s future, according to the latest poll.

The new poll from SavantaComRes, commissioned by The Scotsman, found that 52% of voters think there should be a referendum on Scotland’s future in the next five years.

According to the figures, only 16% think there should never be a referendum.

The poll is the 18th in a row that shows majority support for independence.

It’s now clear that most Scots want another referendum and that most intend to vote for independence.

Commenting, SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown said:

“The growing momentum behind independence, and a fresh referendum on our future, is unstoppable.

“Scotland has been dragged out of the EU against our will by a right-wing Tory government we didn’t vote for.

“People in Scotland want the chance to choose a better future, inside the EU.

“Boris Johnson’s Trump-style attempts to deny democracy simply won’t stand.

“The longer the Tories run scared of democracy, the more support for independence will grow.”

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