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Majority of Scots Want Post Pandemic Referendum

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A clear majority of voters back plans for a post-pandemic referendum on Scotland’s future, according to a new poll.

The Panelbase poll, commissioned by the Sunday Times, found that 55% of voters think there should be an independence referendum within the next five years.

With momentum firmly behind Scotland’s right to choose its own future, 63% of those asked also believe that independence is inevitable.

The findings will pile more pressure on Boris Johnson as his Trump-like bid to deny the democratic will of the people becomes increasingly untenable.

Commenting, SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown said:

“If Scottish voters back the SNP’s plan to hold a post-pandemic referendum, then the Tories have no right to block it.

“The Tories are in panic mode and running scared of democracy, but today’s poll shows that Boris Johnson’s Trump-like attempts to block a referendum are completely unsustainable.

“In seven weeks, voters have the chance to decide who should be in charge of Scotland’s COVID recovery – a Scottish Government democratically elected by the people of Scotland, or a Tory government at Westminster that we didn’t vote for led by the likes of Boris Johnson.

“Both Votes SNP in May is the only way to stop the Tories blocking Scotland’s right to decide our own future.”

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