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Majority of Voters Support Independence Referendum

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A majority of voters across the UK expressing a view support an independence referendum being held within the current term of the Scottish Parliament, according to a new poll.

The Savanta ComRes poll found that 37% of people in the UK support Scotland holding a referendum before 2024, with 31% opposed.

That equates to 54% against 46% on a binary basis.

The poll also found that 50% of 2019 Labour voters would support an independence vote being held, with only 23 per cent against, meaning that more than two-thirds of Labour voters expressing a view back a referendum.

This follows recent polling in Scotland that shows that a majority of people expressing a view want to hold a vote within the current term of the Scottish Parliament.

Commenting, SNP MSP Neil Gray said:

“Along with the people of Scotland, this poll shows that voters across the UK recognise the cast-iron mandate for an independence referendum that the people of Scotland delivered at the ballot box in May.

“Boris Johnson cannot continue to stand in the way of the democratic wishes of the people of Scotland.

“The longer he does, the more support for independence will increase.

“This poll also presents big questions for Labour as Keir Starmer and Anas Sarwar continue to be deniers of democracy like Boris Johnson.

“However, their voters are at odds with them as half of them would support a referendum within the current Scottish Parliament term.

“And they continue to ignore the voices of prominent people within the party such as former First Minister Henry McLeish, who backs independence.

“Boris Johnson’s bid to defy democracy is utterly unsustainable, and the people of Scotland will have the chance to choose a better future with independence.”

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