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Mental Health Minister Responds to Scottish Mental Health Law Review

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Mental Health Minister Maree Todd has responded to the first major review of mental health and capacity law in Scotland for over 20 years, which was published in September last year.

It sets out 227 proposals for changes to the mental health system as well as broader areas including health and social care, justice and public sector scrutiny.

Ms Todd said:

“We have taken time to carefully consider the review from Lord Scott, which propose changes to laws, policies and practises, and agree that more can be done to protect the human rights of people with mental illness, as well as adults who lack capacity.

“This includes, for example, people with dementia when they are no longer able to make or communicate a decision about their own lives – their financial affairs, where and how they live, as well as any treatment care or support they might need.

“As part of our response to the review, we will establish a new Mental Health and Capacity Reform Programme to look at how we can update and modernise our mental health and capacity legislation to better reflect international human rights standards.

“Alongside efforts to strengthen legislation, the programme will also focus on supporting decision-making and improving the way that human rights are put into practice across mental health services as well as supporting change to give people greater control over their own lives, care and treatment.

“Over the summer we will be designing this programme, working with people who have experienced the mental health system, to help us to reach decisions about the changes that are needed in the short, medium and long-term and how to put them into practice so that those who need it receive the best possible care and support in our communities.”

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