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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Michael Gove Insulting Elgin Slammed by Moray’s MSP

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UK Minister’s comments expose London centric view of Tories.

Richard Lochhead MSP has responded to UK Government Minister Michael Gove’s insulting comments about Elgin that emerged after a day of Tory infighting.

When Mr Gove – the Secretary of State for Levelling Up – was asked about Moray Tory MP’s calls for Boris Johnson to resign, he said: “…my instant response is he’s in Elgin and the national Tory Leader is in London”.

Mr Lochhead has slammed the UK Minister’s comments, which have received widespread criticism, and say they expose the London centric view of the Conservative Government.

Commenting Richard Lochhead said:

“Michael Gove’s comments show complete contempt for people in Moray and do nothing more than expose what the UK Tories really think of people who live and work here.

“It’s pretty astonishing to see the UK Government Secretary of State for Levelling Up looking down his nose at Scottish communities.

“If this is the attitude of a man at the centre of the UK Government’s campaign to save the union, it is little wonder that support for independence is growing.

“As someone who is proud to live in Elgin, I know that our community is not only a place of incredible heritage and home to many global brands, it’s also a place full of decent, principled people who will be disgusted at the behaviour of the Tory Prime Minister.

“We continue to live through incredibly difficult times and people in Elgin – and across the country – need to see leadership from the UK Government.

“Instead, we’re getting lies, insults and infighting. Once again the Tories are putting party before the good of the country.”

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