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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Michelle Mone Scandal

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Sunak must kick her out of Conservative Party and withdraw whip in Lords

Responding to the BBC’s interview with Michelle Mone in which she admits lying to the press over profiting from a government PPE contract, Liberal Democrat Scottish Affairs spokesperson Christine Jardine MP said:

“It is jaw-dropping that Michelle Mone has admitted lying to the country over this shameful PPE scandal and is now trying to play the victim card.

“She repeatedly denied she would make money from this contract, now it emerges she’s set to profit to the tune of millions.

“Rishi Sunak was too weak to withdraw the Conservative whip from Baroness Mone when this scandal emerged last year. He must finally do the right thing now.

“The Prime Minister should kick Michelle Mone out of the Conservative Party and withdraw the whip if she has the gall to return to the Lords.

“This shameful saga is an insult to the British public and shows why we need to bring an end to this Conservative cronyism and sleaze at the next election.”

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