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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Mindless Vandalism to Local Yes Hub

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The matter has been reported to the Police for investigation and is believed to be politically motivated.

We received the following statement from Judith Reid an office bearer at The Yes Hub:

My name is Judith Reid and I am an Office Bearer for the InverYESs Hub on Huntly Street, Inverness.

In the wee small hours of Saturday morning our Hub was targeted in a mindless, unprovoked attack leaving extensive damage to the front facing building.

Some coward took it upon himself to terrorise and vandalise our YES hub in Huntly Street.

It was not a stone that was used to do the damage, but a boulder.

Imagine if this happened to a unionist group, what an outcry there would be and we yes supporters would be demonised.

Both windows and door panels were smashed up.

Art items and merchandise damaged, but that did not deter us from doing what our objective was.

Members of the public stopped by, justifiably horrified at such a despicable, timorous and spineless act.

We all mucked in, completed tasks we had in line for the day, had lots of conversations with locals, and international visitors who all said the same, “you must have them rattled, keep on keeping on”.

The production, the positivity and the people stood by us today, they will tomorrow and the day after – until we regain our Independence!

We were also given donations towards the cost of replacement panes.

We would like to thank the police, neighbours, locals and our in house joiner who rallied to support us!

Remember this.. those in glass houses ….

… and if you have any information please contact the police.

Business as usual.. look out for our “Event” for next weekend.

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