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Minister Comments on Homes for Ukraine Scheme

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Responding to the statement on the UK Government’s sponsorship scheme, Homes for Ukraine, the Minister for Refugees from Ukraine Neil Gray said:

“The UK Government should waive all visa requirements for Ukrainian nationals and put people, not processes, first.

“Working with local government, third sector and communities, we are confident we can deliver a comprehensive offer for Ukrainian refugees, which is why we have offered to act as ‘super sponsor’ as part of the UK Government’s Sponsorship Scheme.

“The Scottish Government is deeply concerned that the Sponsorship Scheme will be slow and cumbersome and lack proper support and safeguarding.

“By acting as ‘super sponsor’ rather than waiting for the UK Government’s matching process, we can provide safety and sanctuary to people immediately and welcome significant numbers of refugees from Ukraine to Scotland.

“This would include providing temporary accommodation and wrap-around support while longer-term arrangements are put in place.

“Whilst noting that the Secretary of State for Levelling Up Michael Gove has said that the UK Government will do everything it can to facilitate our offer, we await the UK Government’s detailed response to our proposals.

“We are keen to support people now, so will be pressing the UK Government for detail that did not emerge today.”

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