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Moray Council Marks International Workers’ Memorial Day

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International Workers’ Memorial Day (IWMD) is being marked in Moray with the lowering of flags at Moray Council’s HQ in Elgin.

The internationally recognised day on 28 April is a time to remember those who have lost their lives at work, or from work-related injury and diseases.

It’s a time to renew efforts to prevent more deaths, injuries or diseases as a result of work.

This year, Moray Trades Union Council is focussing on a local theme of Ending Violence and Aggression Against Workers for IWMD 2024.

The flags at Moray Council HQ will fly at half-mast from Friday 26 April until Monday 29 April in honour.

Moray Council’s Civic Leader, Cllr John Cowe, said:

“Today, we come together to remember those who have lost their lives as a result of their work.

“Something no-one should have to contemplate and a theme that is very raw in the minds of folk in Moray this year.

“International Worker’s Memorial Day is commemorated throughout the world and allows us to reevaluate and ensure all workers have access to safe working environments.”

Moray Trades Union Council’s Chairperson, Susan Slater, said:

“No worker should ever have to face violence or aggression simply for doing their job.

“Sadly, we know from our affiliate trade unions that violence and aggression are an increasing problem, with some workers even starting to feel like it’s part and parcel of their job.

“We encourage all workers to report incidents through the proper channels, and to seek help from their union if they feel it is not being dealt with properly.

“Workers’ Memorial Day in Moray is particularly poignant this year following the tragic death of Keith Rollinson while at work in Elgin bus station.

“We as a community must come together to ensure events like this are never repeated.”

You can find out more about International Workers Memorial Day here

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