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Moray Council Teams Up With Jobcentre Plus to Recruit Bus Drivers

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Moray Council’s partnership with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has increased the number of qualified individuals in Moray and led to the recruitment of four new drivers for their Public Transport Unit (PTU).

Since the rebranded m.connect bus services launched in May 2023, Moray Council has been working with the local Jobcentre Plus teams to reduce challenges those in unemployment face using public transport to access potential job opportunities.

The collaborative work means regular updates between the Council’s PTU and the local Jobcentre Plus team to discuss public transport access to specific workplaces in Moray, candidate challenges, training, development and employability pathways.

The discussions have also led to four new drivers being recruited to Moray Council’s Public Transport Unit through the recruitment process.

Dedicated work coaches from the DWP have provided opportunities for candidates to access training, resulting in achieving minibus and passenger carrying driving qualifications.

This work has not only improved and increased a small talent pool of drivers in Moray, it has also created opportunities for individuals moving into alternative career paths with their newly gained skills and qualifications.

Cllr Marc Macrae, Chair of Moray Council’s Economic Development and Infrastructure Services Committee, says the initial success is encouraging:

“The initial success this initiative has had on our own workforce numbers is greatly encouraging and we’re confident that the up-skilling and qualification process will see others join our team to help better connect Moray now and in future years.”

Jane Munro, Employer and Partnership Manager at Forres Jobcentre Plus, added:

“Helping people into work is clearly a key aim for us but the additional benefits this partnership is having in growing candidate confidence, upskilling and increasing the talent pool and preparing them for the Moray Council recruitment process is hugely significant.

“We look forward to continuing the work with Moray Council and are committed to helping clients achieve their own goals and ambitions.”

Guy McPhee has completed Occupational Health training and has been undertaking disability awareness training with Moray Council ready for employment.

He said without the programme between the Jobcentre Plus and Moray Council he wouldn’t have been able to re-train after having to leave his last employment for medical reasons:

“The training was really enjoyable and I have my work coach, Amy, to thank who made sure I did everything.

“If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have done this and now I can’t wait to get going in the job.

“I want to be working but without the funding for training from the Jobcentre I wouldn’t have been able to do it.”

Anyone interested in becoming a bus driver with Moray Council can contact the team on ptuteam@moray.gov.uk or for further information on training opportunities through Jobcentre Plus on jcpmoray.employerandpartnershipteam@dwp.gov.uk

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