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Moray Council to Provide Flood Protection for Homes

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Members of Moray Council’s Economic Development and Infrastructure Services Committee have approved plans to provide flood protection measures at cost price to residents, subject to full council approval.

Property Level Protection (PLP) is used by residents to protect their home from flooding and usually consist of barriers for doors, windows and vents.

Costs can be around £1,300 to buy the products directly from suppliers.

The new scheme allows the council to buy a stock of these products and offering them to residents at risk of flooding at cost price, which could be up to 15-20% less than full price.

Vice-chair of the Economic Development and Infrastructure Services Committee, Cllr Theresa Coull, said:

“Spending £20,000 initially on this is a drop in the ocean compared to the potential cost of future flooding events and supporting our residents to protect their property is a priority for the council.

“I would encourage residents in properties at risk of flooding to purchase these products from the council when they become available and are offered next year.”

The products available would be flood gates, vent guards and Floodsaxs.

Flood gates are used for protecting against water ingress through doorways, vent guards are used to cover air vents and Floodsaxs are a lightweight, easily stored, biodegradable alternative to sandbags.

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