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Moray Council to Review Parking Charges Following Financial Announcements

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Moray Council Leader, Cllr Graham Leadbitter (pictured), has said that following further national financial announcements he has asked for a review of the decision to reintroduce Parking Charges from 1st August.

Since the decision was taken further funding has been announced for Councils, which could help to mitigate costs associated with a further period of free parking.

Cllr Leadbitter said:

“Council teams are working extremely hard to support businesses in Moray, whether that is through processing over 18 million pounds in business grants, providing extensive advice on the safe operation of businesses as they re-open, flexibility on the use of public spaces, licensing and much more besides.

“Car Parking has proven to be a thorny issue.

“The Council needs to find ways of getting income streams back on track to fund the vital public services that we deliver like social care, education, environmental health and waste management to name just a few.

“That needs to be balanced with providing support for businesses to operate.

“There is clearly an emerging issue of public confidence around using machines that involve touching buttons and surfaces, which is understandable and businesses are equally and understandably very nervous about the reintroduction of parking charges.

“Since the decision on reintroducing parking charges there have been further significant funding announcements, which gives us scope to review that decision with a view to extending the time before car park charges are brought back in.

“This rapidly changing picture is likely to continue for some time and it is right to review decisions in light of changing circumstances.”

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