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Moray MSP Welcomes Blueprint on Economy After Independence

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Moray’s SNP MSP has welcomed the publication of the Scottish Government’s blueprint for Scotland’s economy after independence.

The paper, Building a New Scotland: A stronger economy with independence, sets out plans to build a fairer, wealthier, greener economy.

The blueprint includes:

  • re-joining the European Union (EU) to benefit from, and contribute to, the vast European Single Market
  • a redesigned energy market that aims to provide secure and reliable low cost energy
  • retaining free movement of people, without a passport, across the UK and Ireland, with trade borders implemented smoothly
  • using the pound sterling, until the time is right to move to a Scottish pound
  • up to £20 billion in major infrastructure investment through the Building a New Scotland Fund
  • using full powers over employment law to help improve pay and working conditions for people across Scotland
  • a migration policy tailored to Scotland’s needs and designed to boost the  working population

Commenting, Richard Lochhead MSP said:

“The UK economy is in decline – it is unstable, unsustainable, and unfair – and many people in Scotland are asking themselves if this is really the best we can do.

“With no real alternative on offer within the Westminster system, this paper sets out how an independent Scotland can build a strong economy, with fairness and wellbeing at its heart, and that works for everyone. 

“The Scottish Government is ambitious for Scotland’s future and with the powers of independence we would be equipping ourselves with the tools we need to build a wealthier, fairer, greener country.

“I would encourage people to read the Scottish Government’s paper which outlines a positive vision for a better country for current and future generations, contrasting sharply with the financial and political instability and chaos of the UK.”

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