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Moray West, Nairn & Strathspey Candidate in Pledge Keep The NHS in Public Hands

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SNP Westminster Leader Stephen Flynn made the case for protecting Scotland’s NHS information in an article for the Daily Record, highlighting how Labour has been hinting at further privatisation over recent years.

As acknowledged by Labour’s Health spokesperson Wes Streeting, when it comes to NHS funding “all roads lead back to Westminster” and “decisions that are taken in Westminster don’t just affect England – but Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.”

The SNP has pledged that in the first 100 days after the election, SNP MPs will bring forward a new law at Westminster to keep the NHS safely in public hands.

It would ensure that the NHS is fully protected as publicly owned, publicly operated, and with its services publicly commissioned.

The proposed legislation by the SNP will also put a stop to any UK government undermining the principles and protections of the NHS as part of any future trade deals. 

The collaborative approach of the Scottish Government has also helped prevent there being a single day of strike actions across Scotland’s NHS.

In contrast, junior doctors in England are set to strike for 5 days in the lead-up to the election.

The SNP has also taken decisions to mitigate the impact of Westminster austerity on the NHS by more than doubling the NHS funding whilst NHS staffing is at a record high with far more doctors and nurses per head in Scotland than in England.

Commenting, SNP candidate for Moray West, Nairn & Strathspey, Graham Leadbitter said:

“The SNP is fully committed to protecting the NHS from the privatisation desires of the Tories and the Labour party.

“It is a shame that the party which created the NHS now seems to be more interested in placing it in private hands instead of delivering meaningful solutions to keep it protected for the public.

“This is deeply worrying and the slippery slope towards NHS privatisation must be resisted. 

“Any changes to England’s NHS has knock-on effects for Scotland and the other nations of the UK, which is why the SNP will bring forward a bill to ‘Keep the NHS in Public Hands’.

“If elected, I will join my SNP colleagues in backing this legislation. 

“Our rural communities face unique demographic and geographical challenges, it is vital that politicians do what they can to protect and support our NHS.

“We are seeing the damage that privatisation of Royal Mail is now doing to vital rural services.

“The impact on our NHS services of privatisation would be multiplied many times worse for our rural communities.

“The solution is not more privatisation but in stopping austerity.

“On the 4th of July, vote SNP For Scotland, to protect the NHS and always put Scotland’s interests first.” 

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