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Moray West, Nairn & Strathspey SNP Candidate Slams Tory National Service Plan

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SNP Candidate for Moray West, Nairn & Strathspey, Graham Leadbitter, has slammed Tory Proposals to reinstate National Service.

Mr Leadbitter, has expressed his strong opposition to the Conservative Party’s election campaign announcement of proposals to reinstate national service for young people across the UK. 

The SNP candidate has criticised the move as a regressive policy that fails to address both the real needs and challenges faced by today’s youth and the challenges faced by our armed forces.

Commenting Graham Leadbitter said:

“The proposal to bring back national service is not only outdated but also deeply misguided.

“In a time when our young people are already facing unprecedented challenges, from a competitive job market to a mental health crisis, this proposal does nothing to support their future.

“Instead of forcing our youth into a compulsory program that disrupts their lives and careers, we should be focusing on providing them with meaningful opportunities and support.

“Our young people have sacrificed so much for other generations during the pandemic.

“Now, more than ever, they deserve our full support and investment in their futures.

“It is also a distraction from the lack of investment in existing military infrastructure and support for service personnel in their roles, service personnel of which there are thousands in this constituency and thousands more dependents.

“Instead of ill thought out proposals like National Service to prop up the Armed Forces, direct investment in providing better accommodation and housing, pay and benefits, medical services, welfare provision, career development, resettlement, and equipment would not only support existing personnel but would also make it a more attractive career. 

“The SNP has consistently prioritised the needs of young people, ensuring they have access to free bus passes and free university tuition.

“These are the kinds of initiatives that empower our youth and set them up for success.

“Both our young people and our armed forces deserve better than to be used as political pawns.

“We need to listen to their voices and provide them with the support and opportunities they need to thrive.

“The Tories must abandon this ill-conceived proposal.”

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