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Saturday, February 4, 2023

More Than 80% of Scots Worried About Tory Cost of Living Crisis

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Polling suggests more than 80% of people in Scotland are worried about the Tory cost of living crisis as food, fuel and household bills sky-rocket.

A YouGov poll suggested 84% of Scots were worried, with 43% reporting that they were very worried about increasing costs, with just 2% of people not at all worried.

Across Great Britain, those over 65 years old were those with the greatest concerns, as 82% of pensioners were worried.

Commenting, SNP MSP Emma Roddick said:

“The Tories should be listening and taking drastic action to address the concerns of the people of Scotland, with those on lowest incomes having to choose between heating and eating.

“Some are already experiencing a Tory-imposed squeeze on living standards from when they cut Universal Credit by £20 a week last year.

“Incomes are set to be squeezed further as the Tory hike in National Insurance hits pay packets in April.

“We must see action from the Tory Chancellor, who should introduce an emergency package of support for families that need it most.

“We have already seen action from the SNP Scottish Government which is choosing to expand fuel poverty schemes and increasing funding available for fuel-poor households.

“But it continues to tackle this crisis with one hand tied behind its back by Westminster.

“As the Tory cost-of-living crisis spirals out of control, the reality so far is that the Chancellor has abandoned households and failed to properly act to tackle the crisis.

“Instead, he has happily pressed ahead with a £4 billion tax cut for bankers.

“Meanwhile other countries in Europe have already moved on freezing or capping energy prices whilst cutting energy taxes as Rishi Sunak drags his feet.

“That is why only with independence can we deliver a fairer country for the people of Scotland.”

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