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Most Deprived Households Worse Off After 14 Years of Tory Rule

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Scotland’s most deprived households now find themselves worse off than when the Tories took office fourteen years ago, the SNP has warned.
It follows analysis from the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) which found among the 7.6 million households with children, changes to the tax and benefit system introduced by Westminster have reduced benefit entitlements by £2,200 per year – with those out of work losing an average of £5,500 per year.
David Linden, the SNP candidate for Glasgow East, has said “the broken Westminster system” – which has delivered austerity, Brexit and a cost of living crisis – has hammered Scotland’s NHS, economy and family budgets and that only a vote for the SNP will put Scotland’s interest first.
Commenting, the SNP candidate for Glasgow East, David Linden said:
“The latest analysis from the Institute of Fiscal Studies is damning, and highlights why the broken Westminster system does not work for Scotland.
“After fourteen years of Tory rule, Westminster has delivered austerity, Brexit and a cost of living crisis which has disproportionately impacted the most vulnerable in our society. 
“And with the Labour Party and Conservatives committed to the conspiracy of silence over £18 billion of looming public service cuts, things will only get worse. 
“In contrast, under the SNP, Scotland has done all it can to help those less fortunate with one hand tied behind its back – whether that be expanding free childcare, offering free school meals to children, or by introducing the game changing Scottish Child Payment which is estimated to lift 100,000 children out of poverty.
“It’s clear that neither Rishi Sunak nor Sir Keir Starmer can be trusted to stand up for Scotland – with both committed to imposing even deeper cuts to our public services, Brexit and creeping NHS privatisation. 
“On the 4th of July, vote SNP to deliver a group of SNP MPs that will always put Scotland’s interests first and help build a future made in Scotland, for Scotland.”

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