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MP Hosts Virtual Meeting With Local Beauty Salon Operators

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Moray MP Douglas Ross (pictured) will host a virtual meeting with beauty salon operators and staff this week amid concerns the industry is in “meltdown” locally due to Coronavirus restrictions.

Several businesses have contacted Mr Ross for advice in the past eight months to clarify what they term as “conflicting” advice from the Scottish Government. 

Salons were closed at one point earlier this year, but were allowed to re-open on a limited basis.

Business owners have reported that they were permitted to carry out facial procedures, but were then told they could not.

It is claimed that Scotland is the only country where this restriction now applies.

Representatives from the local companies have now been invited to an online discussion with the Moray this Friday (October 23rd) at 11am. 

Any local constituent interested in joining the zoom meeting should contact Mr Ross at his constituency office on 01309 679253 or by emailing him at douglas.ross.mp@parliament.uk

Scottish Conservative MP for Moray Douglas Ross said: 

“Over the past eight months, I have been contacted by several owners and operators of beauty salons here in Moray asking what they can and cannot do. 

“The reports I’m getting are that the industry is really struggling locally and they need clear advice about what they can and cannot offer to customers. 

“Amidst all this confusion, I have arranged for local businesses to come to an online meeting so that I can listen to their concerns and hopefully assist these local operators. 

“Businesses in all sectors of our economy have worked extremely hard to ensure they are compliant with all the restrictions that have been put in place. 

“But they need clear and specific guidance from the Scottish Government so there is no doubt about what is and is not permitted. 

“We are all aware that we are in the middle of a pandemic, but it is vital that we strike a balance between protecting public health and rebuilding our economy – and that means allowing businesses to operate as safely as possible. 

“I know our local teams here in Moray can do this, they just need a clear steer from the Scottish Government.”

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